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Calcutta Instrument Corporation
was set up in 1981 under the prudent headship of the CEO Mr. M. G. Choudhary. He has singlehandedly brought together a team of professionals that operates with sharp business acumen and researches the market dynamics to understand the latest developments in the market.
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Thermal Imaging Camera in India


 Thermal Imaging Cameras

Model No: FLIR E-Series

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Visual IR Thermometer Fluke VT02

Model No: Fluke VT02

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Kusam Meco Thermal Imager TE & TEP

Model No: Kusam Meco TE-P

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Flir i3 Flir i5 Flir i7

Model No: Flir I-Series

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Fluke VT02 & VT04

Model No: Fluke-VT02

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Fluke VT02 & Fluke VT04

Model No: Fluke VT04

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