The New FLIR i-Series Compact Thermal Cameras for Building Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance

The most affordable point-and-shoot infrared cameras just got better, featuring:
• Higher resolutions for more detailed images and measurements
• Wider fi elds of view for quicker scans of larger areas
• And a more rugged design for tough environments
Get more with the all new FLIR i-Series – putting high-quality, cost-effective thermal
imaging in the hands of those who need it most.

Now energy auditors, building inspectors, electrical contractors, predictive maintenance specialists, HVAC professionals, insulation experts, restoration contractors, and many more can have fast, accurate, easy-to-use thermal imaging every day.

There’s no reason to keep using outmoded technology to solve the modernday problems you deal with daily.

IR thermometers (a.k.a. temperature guns) may seem inexpensive and simple, but they only read one average spot measurement at a time, making them painstakingly slow when scanning multiple targets and large areas.

Thermal cameras like i-Series, on the other hand, let you see the whole picture instantly. And they capture thousands of temperature measurements in every image, even from a distance, making them safer to use especially when diagnosing electrical problems on energized equipment.

Whether you’re just getting into thermal imaging, or are so convinced of its effectiveness that you want to outfi t everyone on your crew with an infrared camera, the new FLIR i-Series is the answer.

The New FLIR i-Series:

More powerful than ever, i-Series improves your options with a strong line-up of fresh choices to fi t the level of detail your application requires. Featuring the new FLIR i7, now with 36% higher thermal resolution than before and a wider fi eld of view to help you image more clearly, scan more quickly, and store an entire scene in one complete picture.

Imaging Specifications:


Model Number




 -4 to 662°F (-20 to 350°C)

-4 to 1202°F (-20 to 650°C)
-4 to 1202°F (-20 to 650°C)



60 × 60

100 × 100
140 × 140

Total Pixels



 Thermal Sensitivity


+/-2% or 2°C
Temperature Range
-4°F to 482° F (-20°C to 250°C)
Field of View
12.5° × 12.5°
21° × 21°
29° × 29°
Focus Free
Uncooled Microbolometer
2.8” Color LCD
Frame Rate
9 Hz
0.1 to 1.0 Adjustable
Thermal Palettes
Iron, Rainbow, Gray
Measurement Modes
Spot (center)
Spot (center)
Spot (center); Area (min. & max.);
Isotherm (above/below)
File Storage
File Type
Radiometric JPG (>5,000)
Battery Type/Op Time
Li-Ion / >5 hrs
Charging System
In-Camera Charger with AC Adapter; 3 hrs to 90% capacity
Reporting Software
FLIR Tools
8.8” × 3.1” × 3.4” (223 × 79 × 85 mm) / 12.8 oz (365 g)
2 meter (6.6 feet)
25 g, IEC 60068-2-29
2 g, IEC 60068-2-6
2-Year Parts & Labor, 5-Year Battery, 10-Year Detector

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